Central Hospital Division
In order to improve the avalibility of quality veterinary access and promote the tertiary hospitals and the two-way referral system, New Ruipeng established the Central Hospital Division. It provides high-quality services and implements in-depth subject studies through its pet-friendly environment, outstanding veterinarian team and advance facilities.

Pet-Friendly Environment

Space Design of Dog and Cat Partition Perceivable animal welfare awareness Elegant and comfortable diagnosis and treatment environment Occasionally hold offline pet friend gatherings and popular science classes

Smart Pet Healthcare System

Realize smart store service, smart consultation process, and smart customer relationship management

Pathological Diagnosis

The central laboratory provide services covering more than 90 diagnosis items; The pathology department provides service items such as histopathology, cytology, immunology, special staining pathological diagnosis, etc.; The laboratory facilities includes a routine laboratory, a biochemical laboratory, a PCR room, a bacteria room, and a fungus room. The service items provided include serum biochemistry, endocrine, bacterial and fungal culture, bacterial identification, drug susceptibility testing, pathogenic microorganism PCR detection, allergen detection, stone analysis, etc.
special therapies

Special Therapies

Rehabilitation Physiotherapy is defined as a treatment method that manages pain through physical means (such as massage or exercise) and treats diseases or body injuries. The purpose is to restore the patient's mobility/function and improve the quality of life.
outstanding team

Outstanding Expert Team

Bring together a team of experts and consultants at home and abroad to provide specialist diagnosis and treatment services for pets