Information Technology Division

Information Technology Division focuses on digitization of business through the application of state-of-art technology including cloud computing, big data, AI and remote platform. We are always working to meet consumer demand, insight into market trends and improve consumer experience.

Digitalization of Business Process

Based on the three major business needs of pet hospital sales, medical care, and grooming, the ERP system has been independently developed with six modules including CRM, promotion management, supply chain management, cashier management, report statistics, and process approval. It runs through the entire pet hospital business process such as user consumption, store operation, goods management, direct report analysis, financial auditing, etc. It is a pet hospital management system tailored for modern pet hospitals.

Building Intelligent Consumer Application

The RVET platform uses the light consultation and medical treatment catering to pet owners’ needs. RVET has continued to explore and develop pet health management, grooming appointments, pet training, video socialization and other practical functions that pet owners love, gradually covering pets’ medical, food, housing, and transportation services, to provide more quality services for pet owners.