Our Value: People-first

Talents and professionals are at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to giving our people the resources they need to grow both personally and professionally. We welcome those who are passionate to devote themselves into providing better care to our clients and improving animal welfare.
How We Grow

"Xingrui Management Trainee" Project

Project Introduction:
The "Xingrui Management Trainee" project, established by Xinruipeng Group, is a professional leadership training project for global talents, which is committed to cultivating international future leaders for the Group. According to the unified talent standards and requirements of New Ruipeng, the project selects talents with business acumen, broad vision, outstanding learning ability and high management potential among newly graduates at home and abroad. New Ruipeng will give more opportunities and a bigger platform to help Xing Ruisheng to quickly grow into a manager who can be in charge, and further become the future leader of the company.
Growth Process:
The empowerment center of New Ruipeng Group, Human Resources Department and the department mentors have jointly formulated a three-year work and learning plan, during which trainees will undergo three stages of training and assessment: including centralized training, rotational teaching, and fixed internship.

Veterinary Graduate Program

Project Introduction:
Industry development, talent first. Colleges and universities are the cradle of talents in the pet healthcare industry. In order to enhance the competitiveness of the Company's core talents, New Ruipeng Group plans to invest special resources to recruit high-quality new veterinary graduate students from colleges and universities, helping them to become excellent veterinarians as soon as possible, and then grow into specialists in the field of veterinary medicine.
Growth Process:
Fresh veterinary graduate students through 6 months of special training become the company's senior veterinarian assistant. Within 2 years after graduation,they will rapidly grow into general veterinarians who can independently diagnose, deal with common diseases, master common surgical skills, and grow into specialist veterinarians, attending veterinarian and chief veterinarian at the industry expert level with the accumulation of clinical experience.

China Good Veterinarian Program

Project Introduction:
In order to promote the sustainable development of the pet industry, build a beautiful ecology of the pet industry, improve the professional knowledge and skills of veterinarians, and better serve pet owners and customers, New Ruipeng Group launched the China Good Veterinarian Project to implement a 3-month paid training program with Duo Yue Education Group for veterinarians around the world.
Growth Process:
Providing free 3 months of theory + internship full-time training, the curriculum system is comprehensivly covering professional, management, English and other courses. Good veterinary trainees under the same conditions are given priority in the opportunity for promotion and salary increase.
What We Gain

Life at New Ruipeng

All-round Benefits
  • Housing & Dining Benefits
  • Employee Funds
  • Statutory Holidays
  • Stock Ownership Plan
  • Ourdoor Activities
  • Insurance

Working Environment

Open and free environment that help improve effectiveness

Our People

The health and wellbeing of pets are our top priority
Being a veterinary is like a journey to refine life and enrich the soul.