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Kaisheng Marketing-as-a-Service Division is committed to providing marketing and branding services for enterprises that are not only in pet industry. We help brands better communicate with their consumers through building emotional resonation in every touch points. Our solutions support business growth of our clients and help redefine the future of branding.

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Case Studies

Pet Carnival

The First Pet Carnival

In 2019, the Group launched the 920 Pet Carnival in Chengdu-leading the new fashion of pet ownership, realizing the first alliance of leading pet companies in the pet industry. Stars are strong to help out, and over tens of millions of resources have been fully invested in hundreds of millions of super exposure. The Beijing Pet Carnival Theme Series Activities in December-The pet carnival night with the theme of 'Hundred Cities Linkage, Warm a City' Joined hands with stars to integrate charity, entertainment, and be grateful at the end of the year, with love and practical actions , Truly warm every city!
Pet Talent Show

Pet Talent Show

Create a talent show contest under the culture of cute pet trend, build a communication platform for pet lovers from all walks of life, covering fashion elements such as cute pets, beauties, exhibitions, beauty makeup, fashion brands, etc., through the scene-based presentation and the communication of brand concepts, demonstrating the quality of pet raising styles, where the pet owners can get the latest and most fashionable pet raising information, and become a fashion pet master. At the same time, the cute pet goddess also links with pet industry brands and pet neighbors to provide pet owners with high-quality products and better service experience.
Outdoor Activities

Pet Entertainment Program

The program 'Keeping Pets-Cute Pet Self-driving Tour' undertaken by Kaisheng Culture and Media Division integrates pets, tourism, self-driving, cars, entertainment and other elements, so that the audience can fully enjoy the pleasant experience of traveling with pets. At the same time, it was jointly filmed with the column group of Guangdong TV Station Variety Channel 'Nationwide Car Experience-Cute Pet Self-driving Tour', and the WeChat ecological matrix and Douyin short video and other forms of communication are fully exerted, forming a certain influence in the pet circle.

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