We Care About the Future of Veterinary Care

Attracting the best and brightest to the veterinary profession, and preparing practitioners for its challenges, is our priority. New Ruipeng is committed to giving our people the resources they need to grow both personally and professionally, which includes partnering with universities, operating industrial summit or events and providing study tour opportunities for students.
The Eagle Cup Veterinary Skill Competition
The Pet Industry Profession Summit
College Teachers Research Fund
New Ruipeng Summer Study Tour
The Amazing Vet Award
Ruipeng Student Scholarships
Skills Competition

"Eagle Cup" Small Animal Doctor Skills Competition

New Ruipeng insists on hosting the 'Eagle Cup' Small Animal Doctor Skills Competition every year, and works hand in hand with major agricultural and forestry colleges to provide domestic small animal clinicians and veterinarian students with a fair, open and just competition on the same stage. The platform will promote the training of veterinary talents and improve the service level and quality of future veterinary staff.
summit forum

Pet Industry Talent Summit Forum

New Ruipeng Group cherishes the value of veterinary talents in the pet medical industry, and the school-enterprise cooperation training method runs through every stage of industry development.
专家云集 建言献策|聚焦2021宠物医疗行业高峰论坛
校企携手,共筑未来 第五届中国宠物医疗行业人才发展高峰论坛在贵阳隆重召开
专家云集 建言献策|聚焦2021宠物医疗行业高峰论坛 专家云集 建言献策|聚焦2021宠物医疗行业高峰论坛
校企携手,共筑未来  第五届中国宠物医疗行业人才发展高峰论坛在贵阳隆重召开 校企携手,共筑未来 第五届中国宠物医疗行业人才发展高峰论坛在贵阳隆重召开
2019中国宠物医疗行业人才发展高峰论坛大咖云集,建言献策 2019中国宠物医疗行业人才发展高峰论坛大咖云集,建言献策
2018中国宠物医疗行业人才发展高峰论坛盛大开幕 2018中国宠物医疗行业人才发展高峰论坛盛大开幕
study tour

"New Ruipeng Summer" International Study Tour

"New Ruipeng Summer" overseas summer camp is the first domestic summer camp with the characteristics of the pet medical industry for outstanding young veterinarians, students of animal medicine related majors, and college animal medicine professional teaching workers. Since the first summer camp was held, the "New Ruipeng Summer" overseas summer camp has attracted wide attention and high praise from domestic higher agricultural and forestry colleges, pet medical industry, veterinary college students and practitioners in the pet medical industry. The development and promotion of students has produced a good motivation.

The Amazing Vet Award

In order to thank the leaders in the pet medical industry for their hard work, improve the social status of veterinarians, and establish industry standards for the new generation of veterinarian, the Chinese Veterinary Association unites members pet medical groups, veterinarians in the fields of scientific research, education, and related colleges. Initiated the "Amazing Veterinarian" award selection activity. The award ceremony was held at the Shanghai International Dance Center on April 27, 2021. A total of 13 awardees in 12 specialties of the "Clinical Outstanding Specialist Award" were selected and the award ceremony was held on April 27, 2021. The list of the 3 winners of the "Favorite Award" and the 5 winners of the "Cradle Award". Several outstanding physicians from New Ruipeng Group won awards.

Ruipeng Student Scholarships

In order to inspire veterinary medicine related students to love the industry and support the growth of more students who are determined to engage in small animal clinics, since its establishment in 2015, the Ruipeng Public Welfare Foundation has issued scholarships to students in veterinary medicine and other related majors every year. More than 500,000 yuan has been awarded to over 700 persons.. It has received the attention and support of lecturers and students from colleges and universities. In addition to cash awards, Ruipeng Scholarships provide students with guidance in a variety of ways, such as books, training, career planning, extracurricular practice, overseas exchanges and other three-dimensional and multi-channel forms to provide numerous students with a more stimulating and long-term rewards.
research fund

College Teachers Research Fund

On August 12, 2020, witnessed by all university leaders, association leaders, and industry colleagues at the Fifth China Pet Medical Industry Talent Development Summit, young university teachers (small animal Clinical) scientific research fund project is launched, aiming to improve the quality of industry-specific postgraduate training, create a large number of clinical compound application talents, combine production, education and research, improve the conversion rate of industry research results, lead the development of veterinary clinics, demonstrate the contribution of social services, and expand with an international perspective to enhance its international influence of industry talents.